A Class Powdercoating is a proud family owned business that has been in the same family since 1987. Come in to see Bas who has taken over the running of the company and Charlotte who looks after the office. 

Ever taken your bike to a powdercoaters and found that when you got it back they forgot to mask off part of it and it is now full of paint? At A Class Powdercoating, we believe that preparation is just as important as the powder application. We ensure that jobs are cleaned and any necessary masking off is done. We will contact you if there is any damage on your job that you may have missed to ensure that your needs are met and the finished product is of the highest possible quality.

We currently stock over 350 colours for your special requirements.

We run a batch oven and Blasting room 6Mt Long 1.65Mt Wide and 2.2Mt Height.